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It’s been a pleasure to work with a host of different businesses from new retail start-ups to established local independents, from large retail chains, brands, suppliers and manufacturers to shopping centres, town centres, universities and leisure parks …all with one aim, to evolve their retail businesses.

Whether established or start-up, mainstream or independent, strategic or accidental there is rarely a time to be complacent in retail…never a time to stand-still.


We’re already helping in the evolution of…

business owners into retailers

shopkeepers into retailers

suppliers into retailers

brands into retailers

entrepreneurs into retailers

opportunists into retailers

baristas into retailers

restaurants into retailers

place managers into retailers

designers into retailers

marketers into retailers

and even, yes…IT managers into retailers


VM-unleashed helps…

We identify opportunities to introduce professionalism and retail-thinking

We evolve retailer mind-sets through workshops & exercises

We work to add commercial best practice into assortment structure

We directly introduce new processes and integration

We introduce store deliverables – spatial, visual and environmental

We develop training and communication tools

We evolve the supplier “brand proposition” to build value and loyalty with your retail collaborators & partners and your final customer.


So now, what about you?

How does your business feel?

Are you in need of retail evolution?






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