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I’m Tim Radley and I started VM-Unleashed! in 2007.

My expertise comes from 25 years of working with, and helping, a wide variety of UK and international businesses with their retail. Some of those businesses are very well known international best practice retailers whilst others are smaller and evolving in retail.

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VM-Unleashed! is a retail consultancy. It is what it says …
“Accessible expertise: Helping retailers make the most of what they have!”

We are always looking forwards to hearing from existing clients and potential new collaborators…


We work in three main ways – through workshops, through projects and through retail tools.

    • Our workshops are completely tailored to our clients. They range from our classic 2 day VM Operations workshops, to any length, level of interaction and content focus. They are always interactive, personalised to the client including a review of the current business; they are both visual with current best practice and competitor reviews as well as expertly analytical with detailed strategic outlines and best practice processes.
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    • Our projects are equally collaborative. We make improvements to a business in its profitability, its efficiency, its expertise and its processes. We work on both head office functions, and the delivery of tangible store improvements, and on all the necessary retail integration in between.
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    • Our tools are a series of retail audits, analytics and benchmarking processes which can be carried out independently or as part of projects. They are quick, decisive and cost effective to implement. They can analyse internal client performance, strategies and standards as well as the quality and consistency of store delivery. They can also benchmark clients’ processes, deliverables and standards against competitors and best practice.
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In all cases, essentially we are small, often just myself, with the aim to leave a legacy in a business through the variety of people we work with, the close way that we work with them, and how we encourage them work together. Our improvements and our benefit, lasts long after we are gone.
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If you would like to know more about our expertise,
and how it could work for you, then please contact us…


+44 (0)7967 609849




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Royal Tunbridge Wells

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