His Magista is in Town: Nike’s Beast of a Boot

A beast awaits for the unwitting soccer star too big for his boots. The Nike Magista.



In Nike Town there’s only one hero in a store that celebrates many, waiting to catch any passing would-be superstars tempted in by the promise of miraculous skills, fabulous footwork and a future in the fantasy world of football footwear.

The Magista is the new “super-boot” from Nike, worn by the rich and famous from the privileged echelons of the glorious game. With World Cup fever raising the temperature Magista takes centre stage, as a cunningly created giant spider, fresh from the forests of the Amazon, the backwaters of Brazil.

Fluorescent windows, inspired by the supernatural sci-fi B-films of the fifties, give the boot an almost supernatural persona as it promises to “Create” & “Attack” in the best tradition of out-of-this-world encounters.

From weird and wonderful, to gargantuan graphics here is one world superstar who has timed his run to perfection!


nike-magista-creature-display nike-magista-interactive-area nike-magista-star-window

How is your World Cup going?

Puma21: Summer Season Came of Age

For 3 months Boxpark was home to Puma 21 where the specialist sports brand shared its space with an array of aspiring artists.



Charlotte Stone, the design collective – Circle London and Amar Stewart exhibited works alongside a limited edition of exclusive Puma products. From the Oslo Crew Sweat to the Traction Backpack 21 limited edition prints were given away with any Puma purchase, in a cool collaboration that illustrates exactly the ethos behind the Shoreditch social shopping destination.

puma-21-boxpark-drawer-fixturing puma-21-boxpark-hand-written-pos puma-21-boxpark-trainer-patrol

Where’s your brand novelty…

Diplomatic Dichotomy: Puma Pins its Colours to the Gender Mast

Between craftsmanship and sportsmanship, allegiance and acceptance, Puma playfully picks its way between its iconic Italian heritage, an empathy with the new world order of soccer and the need to be an all encompassing world-wide, world cup commercial entity.



Priority position passes to the replica kit of the competing nations in the king of cups. Centre stage to Azzurri blue, Italian kit supported by sports tops and casual Ts. Left of centre, Senegal and Ghana add colour and pace from the emerging African climes, whilst the Latin latex of Uruguay adds balance and symmetry of speed with a cool blue show from South American skies.

Beyond the competitive displays the store is emblazoned in pink and blue, across feature displays, merchandise schemes and a play area with a two- toned table football temptation enticing all to compete in an atmosphere of fun and friendship where the sides are neutral and sport for all is the only winner.

Selling the symbols of nationality in a colour concept to embrace the world, Puma pulls off a stunning performance to wow! an adoring crowd of millions.


puma-pink-blue-centrepiece puma-pink-blue-footwear-display puma-pink-blue-table-football

Are your customers enjoying the World Cup?

Putting the Pieces Together: Jigsaw’s Picture of the Future

Within a jewelled cupcake’s throw from Selfridges an emporium of class and style opened its three doors to the fine people of Duke Street.


Under the umbrella of Jigsaw, three concepts shelter from the storms of a post-recession cloudburst, where three heads, three concepts and three propositions are seemingly better than one.  Central to the physical store is the familiar Jigsaw collection, in unfamiliar surroundings, stripped bare from its heritage of art-nouveau adoration, with straight lines, order and angles amidst the changeable moods of concrete, tiles and wood.

The open space swallows ladies men’s and kids with an appetite for more in the shape of the bluebird store, migrating from Chelsea with an eclectic mix of contemporary styles in a landscape of brickwork and neon.

The piece de resistance, in the face of unstoppable change, is the Fernandez & Hall deli where Duke Street fashionistas and bloggers pass pleasant conversations between the serenity of the Jigsaw small talk and the roar of Oxford Street, outside.

jigsaw-an-angle-on-ladieswear jigsaw-circled-message jigsaw-delicatessen-fernandez-will

Would developing different concepts allow you to speak more clearly to different customers?

“To B or not to B: That is the Beckham”

Coincidence or Capital Investment, David Beckham’s collaborations seem set to conquer everything that stands for “B” in beautiful.



A stroll around the billboards, a flick through the magazines, will easily reveal the familiar face, fronting fashionable brands such as Breitling, Belstaff and the iconic British Bentley.

True the superstar shares admirable qualities with these benchmark brands. Timeless style, sartorial elegance, intrinsic quality and unique craftsmanship are all expressions that effortlessly cross the touch lines of watch making, engineering, tailoring and have occasionally been used to embellish the reputation of one of the world’s greatest soccer stars, or glamour superstars depending which side of the celebrity fence you sit.

One thing for sure, that teamwork always wins out over the performance of a single solo display, and the fancy foot work that engineered this happy band shows no sign yet of letting in any cheap goals.

beckham-breitling-for-bentley beckham-belstaff-complete-the-look beckham-bentley-aeronautical

The Streets of London – Primark’s Second Coming Stands Tall

OMG for HMV. 9000sqm of fashion oxygen was injected into the East side of Oxford Street with the opening of the retailers second flagship store in central London on the site of what was once HMV.



One year on, and with an extension looming the Primark band-wagon shows little sign of slowing, and why should it. The Oxford Street second store proving to be a watershed moment bringing tears to the eyes of competitors across Europe.

The design marked a more contemporary move from video walls, walk-through entrance tunnels with wall to wall graphics, the continued evolution away from impractical table displays to hanging garments and a variety of display developments inspired by the relatively new visual merchandising department.

And so the empire grows across now established markets in Spain and Portugal and through the still largely unexplored but potentially massively profitable cities of Germany and continental Europe with plans to cross the Atlantic. A watershed in deed!

primark-oxford-street-denim-world primark-oxford-street-fashion-and-low-prices primark-oxford-street-sleepwear-city

Are you at a crossroads moment in your retail history?
What does the future hold for your business?

Penneys from Heaven: In Dublin Fair City, Girls are so Pretty

No excuse for any girl not to look her best with the recent multi-million refurbishment of Penneys in central Dublin.



For Penneys in Ireland read Primark for the rest of us, but the fashion, fun and fabulous prices are familar to all. However here Penneys show another facet with the structural work not only creating a striking escalator and lift well but also used to open up original ironwork and glass roofing that add unexpected character and charm to an operator admired for its ruthless commercialism.


pennys-dublin-store-blue-elevator pennys-dublin-store-denim-and-co pennys-dublin-store-suitable-menswear-space

For low prices, don’t read low value, in an environment fit for the kings and queens of Dublin.

Kaleidoscope Kiko: Colour with Confidence

The Kiko Kaleidoscope engulfs the assortment of sunglassed shoppers, adding sparkle and excitement, converting bright young things into dark heroines.



Colour blindness soon recedes to an appreciation of order and authority in regimented rows of ranges and categories coordinated and segmented by size, colour and collection. Kiko carefully controls its space avoiding the chaos that such a vibrant product range could create, overpowering the customer and sending them in rapid retreat to locations of dull salvation.

Walls present logical essential categories and accessories where ranges are relayed with simple packaging and ordered colour palettes, whilst the floor modules present the personality permutations, the possible personas afforded by the clever coordination of eyes, lips, nails and skin.

kiki-dark-heroine kiko-colour-entry kiko-packaged-up

In a world of oneness the steady growth of Kiko across international boundaries is certainly not one to be experienced from a safe distance.

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Pantone Panettone: Colour Constellation

All Universes begin somewhere, but the Pantone System is certainly no white dwarf or lingering black hole but a creation of colour and light.



Turning the design process on its head Pantone has evolved its biblical colour spectrum from a step in the creative process to the inspiration behind it. Designers across the globe who have cherished their precious books, now have the opportunity to indulge in a rainbow assortment mixing & matching their favourite hues.

In the mood for a mellow yellow coffee, a blue conversation, or a seat in the white house advocates can buy coffee cups, mobile pouches, fold up chairs and a myriad of other everyday items in a colour to suit the mood of the day. Azzurri Italy is the epicentre of the current universe but expect a ray of golden, crimson, emerald or ochre sunshine to land near you soon, turning those cold greys decidedly warm.

pantone-colour-chairs pantone-intimate-display pantone-mugs-and-scent

Are you lacking a little colour in your own little world?

Crew Cut: Subtle Snapshot of What’s-in Store

Baited breath awaited the arrival of the much vaunted J Crew flagship store on Regent Street.



However for the impatient and curious a subtle appetizer awaits amidst the stylish surroundings of Lambs Conduit, number thirty eight. In keeping with its history of opening specialist stores in its native New York the London store is a menswear outlet, selling stylish soft, in a world of traditional tayloring.

Individual displays echo the exclusive environment whilst the standout sales desk offers a glimpse of elegant eye-candy displaying jewellery and accessories for the well-suited and well informed.

j-crew-menswear-service-desk j-crew-menswear-jacket-facings j-crew-menswear-windows

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