building retail relationships: ‘the retail hook!’



Building retail relationships: ‘the retail hook!’


The best relationships between retailers and suppliers are those built on trust and mutual benefit. Gone are the days when suppliers simply sold.

Today suppliers form part of a support network helping retailers to become efficient and profitable. It is the role of good and trusted suppliers to identify opportunities for retail clients, trends in the market and new developments and initiatives in their own industry.

Long term relationships generally benefit everyone. We help suppliers to support their retail clients. We help to prepare the retail hook to begin and develop the relationship along the road to a successful and profitable partnership.

‘Prepare your bait’ through building retail authority

‘Cast into the right waters’ by focusing market knowledge

‘Select the perfect hook’ by targeting your retailer insights

‘Secure the catch’ through building the relationship






building retail authority:

  • Content strategy development
  • “Speak like a retailer!” tone of voice
  • “Message” generation & distribution
  • Original & dedicated surveys & reports
  • Strengthening the USP with “Fantastic Facts & Figures!”


targeting market knowledge:

  • Market analysis
  • Background reports by sector/category
  • Physical store audits & market assessments
  • Partner suitability & reward
  • Scale of opportunities & brand suitability


 sharpening retailer insights:

  • Research and discover the “10 golden opportunities!”
  • Finding and presenting the “killer USP”
  • Identifying needs through audit & analysis
  • Pitch-perfect “material” preparation


building retail relationships:

  • Product implementation support
  • Periodic client reviews & assessments
  • Competitor updates, news & performance
  • “Interactive workshops” for loyalty and opportunity building
  • Market & sector trends & predictions
  • Bespoke surveys of client sectors



‘To catch a retailer you need to speak like one!’


project implementation support:

customer experience: ‘the whole picture!’

dedicated surveys: ‘amazing facts & figures!’

resident retail expert: ‘speak like a retailer!’

retail content development: ‘being sociable!’

retail prospects: ‘10 golden opportunities!’

building retail relationship: ‘the retail hook!’


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