project implementation support



Project implementation support:


Everyone wants a successful outcome to implementation projects. When it’s a new supplier, a new client, or a new product or technology then it is imperative for future development that the value of the product is seen.

It is not always the case that suppliers to retail are the most expert at retail. It is also rarely the case that the stakeholder in the retail business is the most expert at the best way to implement.

We work with suppliers to ensure that the strategy, the planning and the deliverables of an implementation are both worthwhile and ambitious yet realistic and deliverable. As a result, a “wider” value can often be perceived than was anticipated whilst frustrations at pointless activities and outcomes can be avoided.

Surprisingly often supplier themselves do not know the precise value of their products, and their best use. If not themselves, then how will a retail client ever realise the real worth.





project implementation:

  • identification of complete opportunities
  • collaboration of required client stakeholders
  • engagement with client team members
  • identification of appropriate KPIs
  • competitor & market reviews
  • scheduling & key milestones
  • project appraisal & conclusions
  • action planning and next step recommendations
  • know your product better than they do
    • store environments
    • fixtures & materials
    • quantities and qualities
    • graphic mechanics
    • POS & signage distribution
    • content delivery & management
    • display techniques
    • visual prop numbers and specifications
    • staffing ratios & allocation
    • operational opportunities
    • store maintenance audits
    • 0ut-of-stock control & management
    • payment methods and channels
    • cash desk queuing opportunities
    • fitting room efficiencies
    • marketing messages – focus and dynamics
    • marketing messages – quantities & delivery
    • online marketing focus & dynamics



‘To catch a retailer you need to speak like one!’


project implementation support:

customer experience: ‘the whole picture!’

dedicated surveys: ‘amazing facts & figures!’

resident retail expert: ‘speak like a retailer!’

retail content development: ‘being sociable!’

retail prospects: ‘10 golden opportunities!’

building retail relationship: ‘the retail hook!’


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