visual communication & product information workshop


Visual communication & product information workshop:


VM-Unleashed’s 1-day workshop discusses all areas in the delivery of attractive & profitable stores through best practice visual communication practices and the integration between retail functions.

It is personalised to the audience, to the sector and to the job function and objectives of the retailer team present, however most benefit is achieved from an attendance from across retail departments and essentially buying & merchandising, visual merchandising, marketing, space planning, commercial, sales and store operations teams.

The workshop process can also include a day of client store visits and discussions leading to a review in the workshop of the client’s stores, as well as reviews and reference to competitors and current international best practice stores. The workshop itself is a combination of visual stimulation and process insights.

Every workshop is written and delivered to be as relevant and productive for each client as possible including both individual and team exercises and discussions.





The typical agenda is as below, waiting your personal additions and requirements:

    • Creating a graphics hierarchy
    • The functional journey and the promotional journey
    • Communication hierarchy
    • Colour, fonts and elements of visual communication
    • Do’s and Don’t’s of graphics and POS delivery
    • Rules on different use of graphics by store grade and location
    • Rules on the dynamic of graphics – when to change them
    • Appropriate use of different graphic elements
    • Environmental graphics to create atmosphere
    • Brand graphics, logos
    • Product information & pricing
    • Service messages – online, returns etc…

Different modules can be combined to create personalised workshops.

For more information:
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