assortment structure & architecture benchmarking analytics

assortment structure & architectures analytics ensure that any retailer’s product offer is based on the most commercial fundamentals such as category structure & balance, price architecture, colour architecture and size architecture.

failure to analyse internally and benchmark externally the fundamental assortment architectures will result in a product offer that can never attain its commercial sales potential



What can we do for you?

  • is my assortment correctly structured by product categories in-line with sales?
  • is my assortment correctly focused by end-use and fashion position related to sales?
  • is my colour architecture commercial with a correct balance of base, seasonal & accent?
  • do  I have the correct price architecture with appropriate entry price points, price
    ranges, average price points, most common prices & number of price points?
  • am I losing sales through missing sizes?


This is how we help…


12.  Assortment structure & architectures analytics

How do I assess where the commercial opportunities are in my current assortment structure, the pricing & colour architectures, the fashion positioning and the product design?”


A combination of commercial self-analysis and quantitative market benchmarking to highlight “quick-win” and “longer-term” commercial improvements in the assortment

  • assessment of “The Big 10″ assortment attributes
  • bestseller & worst seller reviews and analysis
  • sales performance analysis by category and range
  • competitor benchmarking of price, colour and assortment structure
  • analysis of client and best practice assortment parameters
  • analysis of client positioning on entry price, average price, exit price, price clustering, most common price and number of price points
  • comparison of fashion position/end-use against sales
  • comparison of colour structure, base colours, seasonal and accent colour
  • analysis of size architecture and potential lost sales


  • Identify in a quantitative way clear opportunities to increase sales & profit, increase % best sellers, retain margin whilst reducing markdowns, reducing % worst sellers and removing poor perceptions
  • identify where to buy improved assortment structure
  • identify correct price points and architecture
  • identify correct colour & pattern architecture
  • identify correct fashion position & end-use focus for assortment by category
  • instigate “quick-win” price adjustments
  • modify buying/product selection for upcoming seasons


  • Interviews with HQ and buying & merchandising team
  • Assortment reaction through customer research and exit polls
  • KPI analysis by department, category and sku
  • Best seller and worst seller product reviews
  • Assortment parameter benchmarking – structure, architectures & positioning
  • Quantitative and qualitative best practice competitor benchmarking


Aggressive actions (from a potentially long list):

  • modifying important price points and communicating them aggressively
  • re-enforcing through buying the correct colour architectures
  • displaying forcefully and replenishing best selling colours
  • taking price reduction actions against poor selling colour selections
  • replenishing and displaying best selling sizes
  • buying new assortment with the new correct parameters across all architectures



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