customer experience, journeys & touchpoint audits & analysis

commercially successful stores understand the missions of their customers, they facilitate and stimulate their journeys with appropriate touchpoints that drive sales

failing to understand your customers’ missions, and failing to provide appropriate journeys and stimulation creates stores that are difficult to shop, ineffective for the retailer and inefficient for the dwindling number of customers



What can we do for you?

  • what are my most important customers doing in my stores?
  • what missions drive customers to my stores most often?
  • what journeys are the most lucrative?
  • what store touchpoints are most important to turn journeys into sales?
  • how should I deliver and manage these essential touchpoints?


This is how we help…


5.      Customer Missions, Journeys & Touchpoint Audits


“How do I know if I’m focusing my time & investment on influencing my most important customers, on their most lucrative missions, on their most common journeys through my stores?”



Detailed analysis, using a wide-range of new and existing research tools, to identify the most lucrative customer missions & journeys and to assess how well these journeys are delivered and optimised to drive commercial KPIs

  • Assessment of the most important and loyal customers and their journeys
  • Assessment of the relationship between various journeys and sales KPIs
  • Assessment of those physical store journeys “spatially” within several client stores
  • Assessment of the placement, delivery and effectiveness of the physical touchpoints in those journeys
  • An option to compare customer journey touchpoints with best practice competitors


  • Identify priority investment on physical spatial journeys and touchpoints
  • Identify the bet touchpoints and deliveries by customer mission and journey
  • Identify the best investment in the dynamics/changes to touchpoints related to the changing importance of different missions and journeys by time of day, day of week and seasonally
  • Identify different touchpoint investment priorities for different store clusters where customer missions and journeys are different


  • Benchmarking of journeys & touchpoints in selected client stores and competitor visits
  • Interviews with HQ stakeholders including marketing, sales, store operations, VM and merchandising
  • Interviews with store staff and “snap-shots” of customer comments/reactions
  • Analysis of existing customer research, loyalty data to identify customer missions
  • Available focus group interviews to understand further missions and journeys
  • Detailed analysis of store performance KPIs by product spatial grouping
  • Detailed KPI analysis of KPIs related to specific promotions and events
  • Option for installation/adaption of store cameras using video analytics to measure and observe, record and analyse customer journey funnels
  • Client presentation workshop

Aggressive actions (from a potentially long list…):

  • physically create journeys for the most important customer missions
  • improve graphics and visual focal points to create journeys
  • improve visual impact and location of essential destination product
  • stimulate the impulse mission with correct assortment volume display
  • develop graphic messages to be relevant to the most common journeys



For more information on how the customer experience & touchpoint audit can help.

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