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transforming independent retailers into local destinations provides any town with its lifeblood and personality, and store refreshment across a town, combined with new retail professionalism, is required to develop a collaborative approach and re-ignite energy, pride, traffic and commercial performance.

the lack of a collaborative approach to store refreshment fails to address the essential problems of poor traffic based around a lack of genuine choice and professional retail expertise and service.



What can we do for you?

  • how do you improve the professionalism and performance of independent retailers?
  • how can you find a cost effective way for “hand to mouth” retail businesses to receive advice and professional guidance?
  • how can you help improve individual retail stores but for the benefit of the community?
  • what can small retail businesses do for “quick-wins” whilst improving  fundamental business practices?
  • how can you ensure that “cosmetic refreshes” become sustainable commercial initiatives?


This is how we help…



17.  Vendor Management “One Shop at a Time!” – retail professionalism & store refreshment

“How do I efficiently and cost-effectively improve the retail proposition, processes, professionalism and performance of a retail community formed from independent retailers, local destination chains and national retail brands?”



Quick to action revitalisation of independent retailers and small chains (and stores of national chains if appropriate) improving individual physical stores delivery & performance, as well as part of the wider retail location regeneration

  • Working through retail community workshops, individual store surgeries, shop revitalisation plans, quick-win actions, ongoing catalyst initiatives and retail destination sustainable support
  • Specific store involvement set against the wider “Shopportunities” retail location plan
  • Working with each retailer to improve the assortment structure planning, store space planning, visual merchandising, shop refreshment, events, marketing & promotional calendars, staffing & customer service, store operations, and store rules & schedules
  • Identifying and delivering customer focused, visible improvements for “quick ROI wins!”
  • Working collaboratively with all retailers to leave a “lasting legacy”


  • Revitalise existing small retail businesses individually and as a retail community to improve individual conversion and sales performances whilst increasing footfall and traffic as a retail location group
  • Identify “quick-wins” to effect tangible sales improvements
  • Support and assist in the implementation of priority ROI actions
  • Maximise available grants, local and national funding
  • Support with “quick-wins” the longer term plans of BIDs and town centre planners
  • Generate community collaboration and energy and a “retail destination heart!”
  • Generate a culture of “self-help” and “community help” leaving a living legacy


  • Assessment of goals and objectives of existing business plans for the retail community
  • Development of working structures & timetables – Retail community workshops, individual store surgeries…
  • Creation of ROI plans for each retailer with working strategies, responsibilities & timetables
  • Initial assessment for each retailer of KPI store performance, assortment structure planning
  • Initial assessment of promotions and marketing calendar
  • Initial assessment of store operations, replenishment and store regimes
  • Creation of the “retail community refreshment plan” with milestone objectives, responsibilities and initiatives
  • Ongoing “hands-on & hands-off” retailer support programme

Aggressive actions (from a potentially long list):

  • deliver “community” events to drive traffic & build community
  • “quick-win” store refreshment programme
  • windows and exterior fast initiatives
  • best seller store display and assortment blocking
  • appropriate modifying of prices and sales promotional activity
  • energise customer service and store dynamics
  • audit local community skills for immediate support



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