staff scheduling & activity analytics

best practice staff scheduling and activity planning builds on simply having the correct number of staff in store by day and by hour, but relates their location, tasks and service engagement to the customer behaviour at that time

failure to link staff behaviour to customer behaviour results in inefficient activities not directly related to increasing sales performance



What can we do for you?

  • are my staff numbers in-line with the traffic activity in my stores?
  • how much do the customers’ hourly and daily patterns change?
  • do I have stores with similar patterns, by week-day and weekend?
  • are my daily task schedules in-line with the activities of the customer?
  • am I scheduling replenishment and customer service correctly, or losing sales?


This is how we help…


11.  Staff Scheduling & Activity Analytics

“How can I know how to improve my staff planning and scheduling, their store location, movement patterns and activities to maximise customer experience, service, interaction and assisted sales?”


The use of video analytics combined with traditional traffic & POS data to understand traffic patterns by store, departments, aisles areas to allow optimised scheduling and activities of sales assistants based on customer behaviour and activity patterns and trends

  • analysis of staff number ratios to customer traffic patterns
  • analysis of staff numbers related to conversion by store area
  • analysis of staff numbers related to activity, dwell, stops and sales by store area
  • analysis of staff number and activities related to sales by area
  • analysis of service and re-stocking patterns
  • analysis of customer behaviour trends by hour, day, weekend/weekday and seasonally


  • Identify staff scheduling opportunities related to store traffic/activity patterns by hour, day and week
  • Cluster stores for staff scheduling by similar traffic/activity patterns
  • Identify correct resourcing of product department/ category related to sales and conversion potential
  • Identify optimum activities and engagement of staff with customers by department & category over time periods
  • Identify the best scheduling of service, visual merchandising operations and replenishment tasks related to traffic patterns


  • Interviews with HQ and store personnel to understand staff scheduling
  • Interviews with store personnel to understand customer activity patterns & behaviour
  • Review of existing market research and data to understand customer missions and journeys
  • Understand seasonal and promotional patterns
  • Visits to pilot stores and planning of video camera locations
  • Monitor and analyse store behaviour KPI patterns – activity, dwell, stop
  • Analysis of POS sales data across stores linked to the new customer behaviour KPIs
  • Recommendations on best staff management for efficiency & sales

Aggressive actions (from a potentially long list):

  • re-scheduling of hourly store tasks
  • prioritise service attention to specific store locations
  • react to “warning and opportunity” triggers to maximise staff deployment



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