our specialties


At a top-line level this is what we do as a business…

We help everyone inside retail businesses transform themselves into retailers, and to deliver the emotional & commercial potential of their stores.

We spend a lot of time helping people in different roles and retail functions to talk to each other, help each other, collaborate, integrate, work and ultimately enjoy success together.

We work on improving the store experience for the customer with a wide variety of things that can be done without spending too much time or money and which can seriously increase your sales – if you know what you’re doing.


And to achieve these aims this is our 4 step process…

We identify the opportunities in your business … in people, in processes, in product and places

We inject new ideas, inspiration and commercial best practice

We support the internal retail teams to transform what they do and what they deliver…

We transform real physical stores.


And as part of our process we offer some specialist services…so we thought you might like to know more about them…


“Hit the Ground Running!”
for retail executives starting exciting new jobs

“The Eyes & Ears of Head Office!”
…keeping head office in touch with store realities

“A Day in the Life of your Stores!”
…identifying “quick-win” sales performance & efficiency opportunities in store operations

“The Path of your Product!”
…improving assortment productivity from concept to design, delivery to visual display

“The Big10 Assortment Benchmarks!”
…“minimising risk” and “avoiding mistakes” in your assortment structure

…identifies where maximum ROI exists in visual merchandising in physical stores

“Retail Integration Workshops!”
…bringing together cross-functional teams to deliver efficient & profitable stores



So now, what about you?

Do any of our specialist services ring any retail bells?

Are you in need of retail evolution?





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