Brand Enhanced: Lefties Labelling with Love

There may be devil in the detail but the rewards will definitely come well before heaven.



Value retailing continues to expand its expertise and grow competence in areas traditionally well outside its remit. Lefties leads the Iberian pack with expert enhancements that press all the added-value buttons, seams, adornments, tickets and labels.

Key to its new found capabilities Lefties has recognised and analysed the add-value hierarchy that makes it’s customers weak at the knees and falling over backwards to buy its bargain lines. In essence Lefties wastes no time, effort and investment in details that simply don’t matter in the value stakes, but knows from experience what ticks the ROI boxes.

Product labels are the current show stoppers adding a selection of sub-brand identities from the urban to the sophisticated, from the New England outdoors to the Old England indoors.

No more Lefties labels for forward thinking fashionistas, but a world of inspirations, carefully labelled with love.


lefties-labelling-1993 lefties-labelling-atlantic-fishes lefties-labelling-street-crew


VM-unleashed has worked with a variety of retailers identifying added-value drivers across their assortments, ensuring that investment in product is matched by return…

Left of Centre Fashion: The Value of Digital Communication

Not so long ago Lefties was at the periphery of the Inditex empire, viewed generally as an outlet for the unsellable assortment cast down from Zara, Stradivarius and the like. The poor relation, with a poor proposition for the poorer end of the fashion market.



Now Lefties is at the vanguard of value fashion, with its same low prices, but with an assortment that is now fashionable and desirable to a wider market. The latest store environments show the revolution full-circle, adding more value to the low prices, with a light environment, tressel tables and bespoke furniture and a revolution in digital communication.

Mannequin groups are complemented with large promotional images for hero price points, whilst a journey through the store introduces smaller digital promotions and dynamic price signage.

Most striking is the external logo, not only communicating the brand name but a host of promotional messages flashing from left to right, announcing to the world low prices, daily and weekly product heroes, promotional offers, and the arrival in the Spanish fashion scene of another serious contender in the value fashion market.

lefties-hero-products lefties-new-environment lefties-promotional-graphics

VM-unleashed work with retail businesses on visual communication strategies for stores.

Stand & Stare: Pull & Bear Take to the Road


The anti-corporate momentum builds…


as recognised brands balance the safety of recognition and loyalty with the excitement of individual assortments, personal enhancements and store environments that look like they come off the back of a lorry rather than the end of the corporate conveyer belt.

Pull & Bear, from the biggest brand house about, have a new store, urban and improvised, re-stressed and distressed. The logo is viewed through the glass blocked windows of the municipal shelter, whilst tiles and timbers, the remnants of a ruined landscape, are used to create the tables, fixtures and focal points.

The assortment is mixed with originality, imagination and unusual juxtapositions away from historical categories, whilst unit depth, table piles and the order of colour and fashion position are all for experimentation for the pleasure of the modern customers delectation. The abandoned Beetle drives a solitary path through brand convention as this innovative emporium tests the limits of brand conformity, and the battle for loyalty enters an ever more familiar territory.

pull-bear-jeans-bar pull-bear-vw-shoes pull-bear-womenswear

…is your brand stuck in your corporate past, or responding to customer trends and forcing the market with innovative store environments and creative customer engagement?


VM-unleashed has worked with retailers to develop commercially based but innovative store environments.

Pull & Bear, Stand & Stare: Underwater Adventure

Something menacing lurks with intent on the sunshine shopping streets of Europe.



A threatening presence promises to lure in the unsuspecting passer-by, trapping the intrepid traveller in a kingdom of fashion, extracting a toll on credit cards and cash balances. Pull & Bear has gone to town on a sea adventure in its windows that cleverly recreates the “oceans’ deep” with a light touch that combines unwitting mannequins submerged in a sunshine sea, whilst shoals of shimmering fish and the occasional shark swim around their feet.

The window uses a full-width landscape video screen for its animated aquatic antics, drawing shoppers from far and wide to marvel at the maritime magic, and enter unwittingly into Pull & Bear’s fathoms of fashion.


pull-and-bear-underwater-window-shark-attack pull-and-bear-underwater-window-shark-attack-02 pull-and-bear-underwater-window-shoals