Westfield London: New footprints in Experiential Retailing


The Morning Post:- 27th March
Westfield London: New footprints in Experiential Retailing


Fresh back from viewing the advance guard at the extension to the Westfield London centre in White City. It is already impressive and will be spectacular, I have no doubt, when all the stores are open in a month or two.

What you see in the first openings from retailers such …

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Why do retailers use consultants?

In many areas of our everyday lives we seek the expertise of others to keep ourselves healthy, to maximize our investments, to make us beautiful and attractive and to find the best holidays and leisure destinations.


Whilst we acknowledge some degree of personal knowledge …

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VM&RD: “What’s The Future of Visual Merchandising?” Part 3

“What is the Future for Visual Merchandising?” – Part 3

An article by Tim Radley in India’s VM&RD Magazine



Extracted from the article on “What is the Future for Visual Merchandising?” a first collaboration with VM&SD Magazine, India’s only magazine to focus on all aspects of retail design and visual merchandising in the context of branded shopping environment.


What is the future for visual merchandising?


Part 3 “Education or Compliance?”

Against a backdrop of retail uncertainties and technological innovation it’s ironic that …

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John Lewis Heathrow Store: Take a tour

John Lewis features heavily in the innovation accolades category, a pioneer in format development, developer of own brand and most noticeably in the omni-channel world at the vanguard of click and collect, next day delivery and a host of customer focused initiatives.


It was then only a matter of travel time before the retailer brought its impressive armoury into the highly competitive but lucrative airport locations with a compact proposition, creaming from its enormous assortment an array of impulse items, British classics, seasonal souvenirs and timeless brands.




Connect & Collect: John Lewis Airport Ambassador

The rebuilt terminal 2 at Heathrow airport has many benefits beyond the bright new environment, faster check-in, streamlined security processes and state of the art facilities. New and refreshed formats abound in both food and retail, and amongst the dazzling displays and illuminated logos one brand shines brightly for …

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Monty’s Dancing Den: John Lewis Pinterest Board

You would have had to have been, appropriately enough, buried head first in the snows of Antarctica not to have noticed that the John Lewis Christmas icon is a penguin. To be accurate he is an Adelie penguin and his name is Monty. He has been the star of the retailer’s Christmas advertising campaign and window displays and you have as much chance of buying one in John Lewis as you have of finding a giraffe at the South Pole.



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