John Lewis: Never Standing Still – A Story Never Knowingly Undertold

Celebrating in style, John Lewis pulls out all the stops as it collaborates and coordinates its way through its Never Standing Still Campaign marking 150 years of the famous retailer.



Across blogs, twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest content has been created and developed with suppliers and partners, and from its loyal legions of shoppers from 9 to 90 if not the magic 150. Centre stage is the TV campaign, in its full glory a 3 minute celebration of activity as it grows with its customer from childhood to maturity through the 15 decades of change that have marked its evolution.

Drawing from the past, with a commercial foothold in the present the retailer has collaborated with some of its most loyal and longstanding partners such as Barbour and Paul Smith, developing heritage collections fit for the fashion kings of the here and now. The campaign includes many opportunities for interaction with twitter feeds inviting everyone to share their own experiences of Never Standing Still, as well as competitions for sharing their best John Lewis moments from both sides of the sales counter.


john-lewis-150-years-never-standing-still-video john-lewis-150-years-barbour john-lewis-150-years-your-story

Wholesome and rounded, thoughtful and inspiring, the history of John Lewis never looked so good in the digital world.

Happy Anniversary: John Lewis Never Knowingly Undertold.

Perfect timing for John Lewis, as a notable anniversary coincides with the best ever period for the UKs favourite retailer.



As at home in the omni-channel world as it once was in its humble drapers shop the retailer goes from strength to strength breaking commercial thresholds and competitors hearts. To celebrate with style the flagship London store is bedecked in banners from head to toe, with exclusive products, special collaborations and limited edition bags in pastel blues, aqua greens and orange hues.

This store has a story to tell and the windows give a running commentary, a chronological dialogue to the events and innovations that have shaped the retailer from the 1860s. But this is not just some happy ending, but an ongoing saga, no overnight sensation but a timeless tale where the demons of downturns, the spectres of recession are vanquished and repelled, and where “once upon a time” turns always into “happy ever after.”


john-lewis-150-anniversary-window-150 john-lewis-150-anniversary-internal-display john-lewis-150-anniversary-window-digital-age

Life has never been better at John Lewis in a story never knowingly undertold.

Open: Welcome to the House of Fun

Something pretty peculiar popped up in Islington. The coolest collection of contemporary living from the safest pair of hands in British retail.



Open House was a month long John Lewis pop-up experience exclusively featuring the House collection of Britains favourite retailer. The whole was housed in a two-floor space with the ground level given over to informally segmented room sets, a coffee bar and plenty of open space for activities and seasonal interaction.

From face painting to french fancies, giveaways to guacamole, and guitar greats to gourmet demonstrations the space was fun and fully social, featured through facebook and twitter whilst interestingly anonymous of the official JL site. The lower level served as a film house with selective screening of cool classics, introduced by doyens of the film fraternity to a decidedly select audience.

Open House exploded the John Lewis brand to a younger audience and kepts then coming back for more in this most innovative of omni-channel experiments.

john-lewis-open-house-coffee-bar john-lewis-open-house-focal-wall john-lewis-open-house-interior-space

And the Brand played on…merchandise and music in several movements.

And the Brand played on…merchandise and music in several movements.     Whether composing displays or composing ditties, coordinating the blues, or singing them, the artistic side of retail life has invariably struggled to make its musical ends meet. “Art for Art’s Sake Money for God’s sake” are a relevant, if somewhat dated testament to the dilemma of coordinating creativity & commercialism, and also a timeless reminder of the long and lively relationship between the retailer industry and the music of the times. A tradition that is getting stronger, more vibrant and more imaginative as every note goes by.  …

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The House that Jack Built: Simple Style from John Lewis

In a yellow nod towards the modern kings of contemporary living John Lewis continues to expand and promote its House range of simple, stylish home products that won’t break the budget.


The collection now stands at 800 items from furniture and lighting to home decor, bathroom, bedroom, home office and kitchen. With a stylishly simple circle of yellow the product packaging makes a bold statement either fighting for favour amongst more recognised brands or as a keynote statement, a splash of yellow leading the way in seasonal events & promotions.

Either way, the cool and contemporary John Lewis is certainly here to stay.

John-Lewis-home-promotion  John-Lewis-home-tables  John-Lewis-home-university-promotion

Exeter Stage Left: High Drama at John Lewis

Five floors of experimental retail in a multi-channel world lands in the quiet city of Exeter.


The store is a hybrid concept, laying as it does between the traditional department store and the specialists home stores of the brand. The format lives for hotspots and focal points driving traffic and excitement between and through floors. The escalator wells provide enticing drama at the front of every floor from rows of mannequins, seaonal displays, hot brand areas and showcases for the new Home value range.

Within the floor layout showcase assortments give representation to each department, with key categories displayed with a little more drama that the traditional department store format. Reduced assortment is complemented by the many internet stations, stimulating the customer to explore the wider range, supplement their store purchases online and take advantage of the next day, click and collect.

Where trend has often faltered, the queen of tradition sails serenely into the brave new world of retail.

john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-home  john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-internet-terminal  john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-toiletries

Never get too old to learn new tricks…
Do you need help adapting to the brave new world?

“Curated by”: In JL we Trust


‘Curated By’ …

is a new space in the nations most trusted retailer – John Lewis – which offers customers the chance to selectively shop key pieces from premium fashion brands. Handpicked, the first edit includes exclusives from Sacks, Pyrus, Stella Forest, Charli, Muubaa and Second Female as well as Avoca Anthology, By Zoe, Bensimon and Rene Derhy. “In John Lewis we trust!”

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