Retail Beginning or Retail End? 7 essentials for survival!


The Morning Post:- 23rd March
Retail Beginning or Retail End? 7 essentials for retail success!

Sometimes it makes sense to draw a line in the sand, even when the sands are changing at an unprecedented rate. This is certainly the case in retail.

We are not surrounded completely by doom-and-gloom retail news, however there is undoubtedly a lot of it. This reached a focus …

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VMTrends: “The Dawn of the ‘Sensual Merchandiser!'”

Visual merchandising has always been difficult to define and as stores develop into multi-media and sensory experiences then the realm of visual merchandising will evolve further.

It will embrace the sensual worlds of music, imagery, video, digital technology, smell, product interaction and lifestyle & promotional events. All this, which is traditionally the responsibility …

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The Retail Relay: “Running a 3-legged race, in a 4 leg event?”

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link” could never be more appropriate than the chain of events that transforms a retail strategy into a store full of tangible, buyable products.

“And what the customer sees and responds to is unfortunately the result of the weakest link, not the strongest one!”



To achieve this commercial panacea therefore not only requires excellence within disciplines but essentially the perfect relationship between them. If …

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