Legs 11: Selfridges Denim Devolution takes Shape

Selfridges destination denim stretched its legs and stepped out as the World’s largest dedicated denim studio.



No idle fascination this 2500 square metres throws a curved ball at the conventions of category collections with Selfridges claiming jeans from £11 to £11,000 in a range of over 11,000 pieces.

Denim journeys unfold past acrobatic mannequins and parades of pillars bedecked in blue. Our denim fabric focus, our fibre fascination is satisfied in the special space of the “Fit Studio,” the designate “Denim Taylor.” Denim specialists guide the traveller through the myriad of cuts, fits and fashion washes, ensuring every curve is flattered, every nerve un-shattered by the burden of choice.

For those with individual taste and dreams of denim devolution the Denim Taylor offers the perfect “nip” and “tuck” and the promise of a creation from scratch to satisfy the itch of even the most demanding denim devotee.

selfridges-denim-studio-denim-displays selfridges-denim-studio-denim-taylor selfridges-denim-studio-fit-studio

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The Streets of London – Primark’s Second Coming Stands Tall

OMG for HMV. 9000sqm of fashion oxygen was injected into the East side of Oxford Street with the opening of the retailers second flagship store in central London on the site of what was once HMV.



One year on, and with an extension looming the Primark band-wagon shows little sign of slowing, and why should it. The Oxford Street second store proving to be a watershed moment bringing tears to the eyes of competitors across Europe.

The design marked a more contemporary move from video walls, walk-through entrance tunnels with wall to wall graphics, the continued evolution away from impractical table displays to hanging garments and a variety of display developments inspired by the relatively new visual merchandising department.

And so the empire grows across now established markets in Spain and Portugal and through the still largely unexplored but potentially massively profitable cities of Germany and continental Europe with plans to cross the Atlantic. A watershed in deed!

primark-oxford-street-denim-world primark-oxford-street-fashion-and-low-prices primark-oxford-street-sleepwear-city

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Penneys from Heaven: In Dublin Fair City, Girls are so Pretty

No excuse for any girl not to look her best with the recent multi-million refurbishment of Penneys in central Dublin.



For Penneys in Ireland read Primark for the rest of us, but the fashion, fun and fabulous prices are familar to all. However here Penneys show another facet with the structural work not only creating a striking escalator and lift well but also used to open up original ironwork and glass roofing that add unexpected character and charm to an operator admired for its ruthless commercialism.


pennys-dublin-store-blue-elevator pennys-dublin-store-denim-and-co pennys-dublin-store-suitable-menswear-space

For low prices, don’t read low value, in an environment fit for the kings and queens of Dublin.