The Battle to Change Retail Location “Mind-Sets”

Who’s the real competitor? Who’s the real enemy?

The massive changes that have swept across this land and others, the decimation of high streets,  town centres and the taking away of the retail heart of communities, though tragic and physically real are the result of a shift in mind-set. The mind-set and shopping patterns of the customer.



And whilst there are a range of …

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“Getting the quality from quantities!” how to benefit from retail benchmarking and analytics

Almost everything is measurable and comparable in retail stores but the benefits only come through understanding the implications and the opportunities that lay within the many depths of the powerpoint charts and excel graphs.



Firstly, benchmarking should not be blind but focused on areas of commercial opportunity and the improvement of sales, profit and customer experience KPIs. So as much experience is required in knowing what to compare and measure, …

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Store Analytics “Which came first, the chicken or the egg? How long did the chicken stay for, where did she go, and how many eggs were in her basket? Store Analytics – eggs-plored and eggs-plained!


How do you use store analytics?

This leads us to the chicken and the egg, nestled conveniently in a store near you.



There’s a general feeling that store analytics, using video technology to monitor the movement of customers, their dwell times, engagement rates and conversion rates within stores, has a great deal to offer in terms of store productivities, however how to use the analytics effectively to achieve both short -term wins …

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