Sustainable Selfridges: Natural Partner for a Material World

Time never stands still for Selfridges. The dawn of every day is reason enough to energise the store with new messages, products and brands to perpetuate its reputation as one of the world’s most exciting retail experiences.



When seasonality subsides for a second Selfridges fills the void with self-generated events bringing every aspect of its considerable assortment to the attention of its captive customers – amidst its Spring activities for Easter and Mother’s Day there was still ample time for a powerful collaboration … Continue reading

Fashion, Fusion & Follies: Selfridges Studio Experience

Building excitement and new physical experiences is transforming the third floor of Selfridges London into a must-see destination as it unveils a series of lifestyle studios to entice & enthral its adrenaline driven customers.



The Design studio is the latest area to be unveiled and at over 1000sqm presents itself a home for innovative and exciting ladies wear brands from the international established to the emerging new talents. J.W.Anderson, Vetements, Christopher Kane, Marni and Joseph are joined by international brands such as Maison … Continue reading

Body Beautiful: Selfridges Studio of Serenity

Selfridges opens its biggest ever department, Body Studio, encompassing everything that is exciting and inspirational about London’s leading department store.



Never the laggard Selfridges is ahead of the trend as its manoeuvres gracefully to gain a fitness foot hold in the fastest growing area of fashion – Athleisure. The department brings together an intimate experience, despite its many metres, catering for everything feminine from lingerie, nightwear and seasonal swimwear, through fitness, yoga and exercise to casual comfort wear.

As always the assortment is … Continue reading

Sonic Selfridges: Big Noise in the World of Music

There are many magical corners of the Selfridges supersized store to admire and marvel at, to lose yourself in an exploration of a wondrous assortment from traditional classics to outrageous innovation.


In the basement bowels of the lower ground floor through the avenue of travel accessories, luggage and literature is a gem of a department for anyone with an eye for imagination and an ear for entertainment.

Focal point of the headphone area is an overturned mini, masquerading as a DNA display case, … Continue reading

Watch & Wonder: Selfridges Serves up an Apple Experience

Time is money and when it comes to Apple that money and revenue can be sizable, so speed to market and proximity to the pockets of its patrons is an essential element to retrieving its return on investment.



In a collaboration of near colossal proportions Apple has taken chronological control of all of Selfridges’ windows on London’s Oxford Street to present a breathtaking, time making, statement of market intent. Each window is an oversized study of floral fantasy with bright petals and stamens … Continue reading

Selfridges & Paddington: Take tour of the Curiosity Shop

Best sellers come in all shapes and sizes from Cuban boots to Peruvian bears. Selfridges always captures the popular crowd-pleases, presenting them with aplomb, enjoyment and emotional experience. A retailer always with a large slice of sticky trickery tucked under its considerable commercial hat.




A Christmas Curiosity: Paddington & The Great Selfridges Shop

Capturing the moment as always Selfridges securely jumps on the Paddington band wagon, with a dedicated “Curiosity Shop” featuring all things duffly, marmaladey and beary as it creates a compelling proposition for London tourists from as far as deepest Peru.



Paddington is the winter blockbuster film, based on the children’s books of a bear who is found, and finds himself in London. Selfridges links all the elements together with wall to wall showings at its Everyman basement cinema whilst the branded shop in … Continue reading

Selfridges Cinema Paradiso: An Everyman Exclusive

It pays never to take your eyes off the showcase stage that is Selfridges Oxford Street for too long, for fear of missing an exclusive premier or the return of a timeless classic.



To illustrate the point the retailer is collaborating with Everyman Cinemas and has installed a sixty seater cinema in its basement event space which will run for the next seven months. Cinema-goers can expect a unique and intimate environment complete with seductive soft sofas and art-deco illumination.

The auditorium itself is complemented by an exclusive wine bar with the same intimate atmosphere, appropriate for aperitifs for the early-evening early arrivals, and the post-film post mortems.

In the rich vein of the new niche cinema venues each day brings a unique mix of different digital deliverables consisting of a daily diet of timeless must-sees, evenings dedicated to cult-classics, horror for the late-night hours, and weekends full of family favourites.

More than ever, Everyman in Selfridges provides the perfect antidote to multi-screen metropolises, burdened with commercial blockbusters, perpetually polluted with pop-corn and binge buckets, the banal homage to the contradiction of mass market entertainment.

So book early to avoid disappointment and take your centre stage seat for another exclusive, entertaining and undoubtedly unique Selfridges’ experience.

selfridges-everyman-cinema-intimate-atmosphere selfridges-everyman-cinema-open-for-business selfridges-everyman-cinema-bar-none

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Seasonal Selfridges: Winter in a Tourist Wonderland

Christmas comes but once a year, and so do tourists. So, with this in mind, and with the usual indomitable Selfridge’s spirit, the Winter Wonderland has already arrived in anticipation of those seasonal September sales.



Globetrotters in search of gifts and glitter are falling over themselves heading for the fourth floor to immerse themselves in a world of traditional snow and sparkle, whilst the unaware walk short-sleeved through the unseasonal September sunshine.

Personalisation is literally the name of the game adding that extra urgency to pick up a unique present or seasonal souvenir, a retail reminder of a summer sojourn through the streets of London.

Top of the festive list are designer china baubles in black and white, waiting to be custom painted with your name of choice. And to celebrate that faraway special day Santa’s sacks expectantly await the personal messages and individual addresses of their lucky recipients, boldly emblazoned before our very eyes.

Identifying the dynamics of your customer, as much as the ambient Autumnal back-drop to life, is always the key to commercial celebrations. All this may leave traditionalists with a nasty November taste in their mouths, but equally provides visitors from many countries with the perfect opportunity to return home as conquering heroes, survivors of the family gift quicksand, the proud providers of politically correct and  perfectly personalised presents.

selfridges-winter-wonderland-bespoke-santa-sacks selfridges-winter-wonderland-christmas-baubles selfridges-winter-wonderland-bespoke-baubles

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VM-unleashed monitors and celebrates best practice such as Selfridges, to advise our clients and make then more profitable.