8th Joy of Retail Spring: Defining Omnichannel Assortments

The question “how much product should I put in my stores?” has always generated animated and healthy debate amongst retail businesses.

That question, and the discussions around it, just got a whole lot more complicated as the opportunities and threats of e-commerce and true omni-channel assortment allocation has made store capacities one of the most important decisions for retailers to get right.



The reduction of physical store capacities for an omni-channel retailer, supported by flexible and reliable inter-channel replenishment, allows the development of inspirational, … Continue reading

3rd Joy of a Retail Spring – How much product in my stores?

Space planning & visual merchandising are the two cornerstones on which an attractive and commercial store are built

At the heart of this is the eternal question – “How much product should I put in my store?”



Get space planning wrong, allocate product incorrectly or deliver visual merchandising operations inefficiently and a store will never attain its potential sales productivity.

Marrying the “beauty and the beast” of the assortment comes down to an absolute certainty and consistency within a business on a few key questions:

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Am I displaying with the correct option density?

Am I displaying with the correct option density?
How to have your cake and eat it!



Some of the most obvious questions are often the hardest to answer, or to be more accurate it would seem, are the ones that no one wants to answer.

The repercussions of this “small question” are very great for a number of functions within a retail business and though ultimately the answer may prove favourable to the majority, if not all, it still remains an irony … Continue reading

Tim Radley “Visual Merchandising; a Return to Selling” No.1

“Visual Merchandising – A Return to Selling!” part 1

An article by Tim Radley in VM&RD Magazine India, Oct 2015



I was fortunate enough this year to be invited to speak at the In-Store Asia 2015 event in Mumbai. What I found was energy, enthusiasm and real excitement about the future of Indian retail and this great industry in general.

Subsequently I have written a couple of articles  for VM&SD Magazine, India’s only magazine to focus on all aspects of retail design and visual merchandising in the context … Continue reading

Retail Integration: Integrating Space Planning with Assortment Planning

Whether your retail involvement comes from a field based visual perspective or from a head office commercial perspective stores can often disappoint, both in terms of the visual perception and the financial reality. Whilst there will be opportunities for improvement in both store and head office processes,  it is often the integration of the two where the problems lay and in particular the relationship between space planning on the ground and assortment planning in the merchandising processes.




The biggest problem quite often … Continue reading

Visual Merchandising Operations: The dangers of “spread-sheet retailing”

Many a good and potentially commercial idea and initiative has never made it from the boardroom to the operational teams, never mind the stores themselves.

The complexity of the modern store portfolio has added to this problem, as stores develop a mixture of owned and franchise stores, international coverage and increased store grading and clustering by customer demographic and catchment.



Simply one solution will not fit all and in many modern retailers the current solution fits none, falling between the needs of individual … Continue reading

Welcome to VM-Unleashed!

…the formal, but mercifully brief, introduction.
I’m Tim Radley and I started VM-unleashed! in 2007.

For 20 years I’ve been working with a variety of international retailers, identifying opportunities to increase sales through better integration of space planning & management, visual merchandising & store operations and ultimately creating a better store experience.

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My experience is that there isn’t a retail business that doesn’t have opportunities to improve its cross-functional integration and the way that … Continue reading