9th Joy of Retail Spring: VMToolkit to Control Stores

Every retailer is different, and in most cases every store is different, from the obvious variations of culture and taste in an international  portfolio, the clear operational issues between directly owned stores and wholesale partners, to the more subtle challenges of different store manager personalities and store personnel attitudes.

All this requires retailers to create and apply a wide-range of guidelines, tools and processes to get the very best from every store situation – the VMToolkit


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VM Trends: Tim Radley in Discussion – Retail Design Expo’17

VM Trends: “An End to ‘Easy’ Visual Merchandising!”

Tim Radley, CEO of VM-Unleashed! will be in discussion at the Retail Design Expo 2017

Please come, listen and join in on Monday 8th May, 12pm.
May 8-9, 2017, London Olympia.



Tim Radley is the founder of retail specialist consultancy VM-Unleashed!

His expertise comes from 25 years of working with, and helping, a wide variety of UK and …

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We are all Retailing in a Hostile Environment?

When it comes to turning your stores into selling machines, one solution rarely fits all.



If you sell through wholesale or are in partner with franchisees you’ll know only too well about the challenges of working in a “hostile environment.” “Hostile” of course covers a multitude of sins, and it has to be said, sometimes the blessings of a marriage made in heaven. However retail collaborations of any sort often create a “hostile environment” for selling where the difficulties can …

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Making your stores sing and your tills ring?



When it comes to turning your stores into selling machines, one solution rarely fits all.

Even outlets within the same chain will have different drivers to deliver that all important best practice that will unlock your sales performance. Some outlets may rely more on customer service, whilst others depend on visual merchandising and ease of shop.

So, it’s an important part of the strategic process to assess …

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