The House that Jack Built: Simple Style from John Lewis

In a yellow nod towards the modern kings of contemporary living John Lewis continues to expand and promote its House range of simple, stylish home products that won’t break the budget.


The collection now stands at 800 items from furniture and lighting to home decor, bathroom, bedroom, home office and kitchen. With a stylishly simple circle of yellow the product packaging makes a bold statement either fighting for favour amongst more recognised brands or as a keynote statement, a splash of yellow leading the way in seasonal events & promotions.

Either way, the cool and contemporary John Lewis is certainly here to stay.

John-Lewis-home-promotion  John-Lewis-home-tables  John-Lewis-home-university-promotion

Exeter Stage Left: High Drama at John Lewis

Five floors of experimental retail in a multi-channel world lands in the quiet city of Exeter.


The store is a hybrid concept, laying as it does between the traditional department store and the specialists home stores of the brand. The format lives for hotspots and focal points driving traffic and excitement between and through floors. The escalator wells provide enticing drama at the front of every floor from rows of mannequins, seaonal displays, hot brand areas and showcases for the new Home value range.

Within the floor layout showcase assortments give representation to each department, with key categories displayed with a little more drama that the traditional department store format. Reduced assortment is complemented by the many internet stations, stimulating the customer to explore the wider range, supplement their store purchases online and take advantage of the next day, click and collect.

Where trend has often faltered, the queen of tradition sails serenely into the brave new world of retail.

john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-home  john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-internet-terminal  john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-toiletries

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Cool Cat in the Capital: Tiger Earns its Stripes

Tiger - candle wall

Tiger has been slowly prowling the streets of the world for a while, with its irresistible proposition of impulse product, low prices and beautiful, attractive designs.

Its latest incarnation is its first attack into the streets of London with a bright bold yet typical store on Tottenham Court Road. The assortment creams the impulse element from popular categories such as stationery, home decor, food and fashion with a keen eye on seasonality and relevance.

Star wall is the moustache fashion story in-line with current trend and charity events, and an ever growing and impressive Christmas assortment. Smart graphics, bold displays, ease of shop and an impulse to spend combine to create a conversion rate the envy of all.

Tiger is relatively unique in that is creams the impulse sales from a range of popular product categories, without the time and effort involved in developing complete departments and the complexities that entails.

Having said that they make retail look easy. There is excellent, fashionable design and amazing low prices. A combination that should never be taken for granted.

tiger-moustache-wall  Tiger - cooking-wall  tIGER COOKING UTENSILS

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Summer Loved: Kidston Calm & Collected

Cath Kidston captures the calmness and coolness of a British summer like no one else.


The mood and feel is sublimely caught from every polka dot top of the home page to every striped bottom of the blog postings. And whilst every detail is in character the site also packs a commercial punch, with drop-dead, drop-down menus opening up the best seller assortment, summer edits and fashion highlights.

Instagram is chosen as the social channel of choice and works well in warming the spring souls as the stepping stone into the summer season. Cath’s stores involved in the fray as the emotional vehicles preparing for seaside fun. The site also hides some exceptional selling tools, with guides on buying the perfect summer bag, as well as excellent product pages where reviews are stand out features in convincing the coyest of customers to dive in.

Cath Kidston is a brand on top of its game, and looks well prepared to join in the summer fun.

cath-kidston-every-day-holiday  cath-kidston-instagram  cath-kidston-summer-bags

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Wicked Company: An Invitation to Indulge

No longer Whiter than White.


Invitations abound and temptations await around every corner as The White Company urges its customers to wallow in the beauty of its assortment and experience first hand the softness, the quality, the fineness and the sheer irresistability of its products.

A formal invitation seems hardly necessary with displays and imagery that compel the customer to touch and hold sculptured bottles of perfume, hand-made quilts, blankets woven from exclusive yarns and duvets filled with the finest downs. Far from hiding its beauty under a veil, White Stuff knows that only complete involvement with its products communicates its true value to the customer.

Actions speak louder than any words except maybe “Try me!”

white-company-dreaming in down  white-company-invitation  white-company-try-me

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