Pop-Up for Tea: Tasteful Treats from Wedgwood

A mere meander from the horticultural highlights of the Chelsea flower show is a marriage made in heritage heaven between Wedgwood and John Lewis.



Just a few steps into the foyer of Peter Jones in Sloane Square is a land of serene ceramics and tasteful elegance, a month-long pop-up experience that turns tasteful into tasty as the setting for the Wedgwood Conservatory Cafe, a place of tranquil relaxation and quiet indulgence.

The Wedgwood world is emblazoned in powder blue, provided on this occasion … Continue reading

Packing the Hackett Punch: Attending to Vending Detail

Value is not a reality of price alone but the perception of benefit over price. Perception in itself can be the clear communication of reality or the addition of emotional attributes that ultimately constitute brand value.



For a retailer like Hackett in a competitive swell of quality menswear brands using every available tool to enhance the value of the brand heritage, leveraging every luxury thread to add value and quality, working with every breath of quiet customer care is an essential to converting … Continue reading

Hunter Gatherer: More than Just a Rainy Day

A perennial problem for any noteworthy brand with a reputation built on an icon is the development of a wider commercial proposition away from the sanctuary of its established safe-haven.



Hunter rules the rainy roost for premium Wellington boot buyers and is currently circumnavigating the choppy waters of expansion developing an assortment for the wider world of inclement conditions, encompassing everything from jackets and jumpers to a full range of rugged and resilient rainwear.

Its new store concept, as illustrated by London’s Regent … Continue reading

Lush Pastures New: More than Merely Cosmetic

Simply as a concept Lush began its life as one of the most innovative and exciting brands ever conceived. In a world of copycats and unsubtle insurgents it’s easy to forget that the idea of tasty toiletries dressed up as fresh fayre, chalk-boards championing cosmetic concoctions and bath-bombs transforming every aquatic adventure all came first from the land of Lush.



If the familiar concept is more akin to a delicatessen of delights then the new flagship store on London’s Regent Street has evolved … Continue reading

Aaah Bicester! Tasty Temptations in “Tesco Town”

It’s fair to say that Tesco has always been at the vanguard of UK supermarket design from its famous 3D animated penguins and oversized banana signage to the opening of the UKs first true hypermarket concept, experimentation with category management with a focus on customer journey and missions to its collaboration on convenience and petrol forecourt retailing.



And so In a time of turmoil it is no surprise that Tesco has been working hard to stabilise its public perception through a range of … Continue reading

Italian Export: Satisfying the Appetite for Eataly

Italian cuisine has always travelled well, but its global reach and reputation has been taken to new levels of excellence by the Eataly concept, combining its prestigious packaged products and finest fresh fayre with a variety of eateries from formal restaurants, to pizzerias and casual coffee bars.

From New York to the New East it continues to evolve and engage.



Its latest incarnation comes home to Milan, to the heart of Italy and to its toughest test of quality and authenticity. However, the perpetual buzz … Continue reading

Kiehl’s University: Skeletons Alive and Kicking

Swimming against the trend tide of sterile store environments of purity and prepared perfection Kiehl’s comes out all glamour guns blazing in a dynamic and inspiring store concept in the pulsing heart of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.



Never a brand for understatement Kiehl’s has however largely adhered to the established etiquette of sterility with its personality portrayed through its trademark skeleton and whitewashed brickwork.

Whilst these brand stalwarts remain, everything is overstatement as the skull is flourished high and wide with gothic swirls 10 … Continue reading

Graphic Treatments: Whole Foods Complete Image

Even when you’re famous and frequented on a regular basis it does no harm to constantly communicate what you’re famous for, or indeed what new treats and delights you currently and continuously have in store for your adoring advocates and visitors.



Dynamic graphic communication which is both in brand but constantly relevant and ostentatiously spontaneous is not an easy balance to achieve yet Whole Foods succeeds with style and taste, coordinating permanent navigational signage with service messages, product information with health advice, seasonal … Continue reading

Global Economics: Selling the Theatre of Dreams

“Where there are people there are customers” and the Globe Theatre in London maximises the eternal interest in England’s bard with an assortment of gifts, merchandise and souvenirs bursting with both imagination and creativity, yet developed with no small degree of commercial acumen and business foresight. A combination of art and artefacts that would surely have impressed the great man himself.



Shakespeare and all things Shakespearean of course offer a wonderful opportunity to dust off the cobwebs of a million English lessons and … Continue reading

Tipple Point: A Storming Tea Cup

In the trend soaked streets of Shoreditch an avant garde angle on the traditional cup of tea is putting on the proverbial and literal kettle in anticipation of your next visit. Where Whittards once was, T2 is now the fresh from the tea fields’ package, adding its own individual flavour, refined to the taste of a new breed of selective sensory seekers.



The proposition perches between the perfect purveyor of beautifully packaged teas and a showcase for its spectacular show of tea-pots, cups and saucers fit for a king to taste his favourite tipple of choice. Every taste in style is catered for from decorative Chinas of the ancient East to simple glassware from more recent retro decades.

Similarly, sampling the variety of available flavours for taste testing, takes the curious customer from exotic Ceylon to Victorian England, from bubbling brews to simmering summer stews, from fruit infusions to chilled chars.

In this intoxicating atmosphere the vibrant tea packages are scissor sharp, displayed in waves of yellows and oranges, gorgeous greens and ruby reds. A bold and beautiful backdrop for the intimate and intricate displays of cracked crockery, cups and saucers.

T2 is a novel and innovative take on tea, fresh to the palette of even the most experienced of imbibers.


T2-storming-tea-cup-powerful-proposition T2-storming-tea-cup-old-crocks T2-storming-tea-cup-welcoming-environment

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