E-commerce efficiency: Facilitating your failure?

Don’t get me wrong I’m a believer in e-commerce and an avid online shopper, and I get as frustrated as the next man or woman when it comes to inefficient websites, product misinterpretation and expensive and extensive delivery times. And of course, efficiency is an absolute essential to any online retailer, and will make the difference between survival and extinction in the highly charged competitive online market place.

However there is more to being a retailer than being efficient. 



However there is more … Continue reading

Omnichannel Overload: Finding focus in a confusion of retail possibilities

Why is omnichannel the focus of retail?

The short answer to this is because it’s what the customer wants, and never has the old adage “the customer is always right” been so apt or so accurate as in the consumer-centric world in which we now live.


Customers want the convenience of the online world with the ability to browse, choose and pay in the comfort of their own homes, and with the rapid rise of m-commerce the freedom to do these things beyond the … Continue reading

Untold Riches of a Humble Past: The Telling of Brand Stories

In a strange turn of events and in part reaction to the fabricated fantastic world around us there has become a clamor for brands with true heritage, roots, tradition and history. In many ways the greater the brand struggle, the deeper the hardship, the more humble the history then the more credible collateral a business has to take into the future firmament.



At the heart of this consumer desire is “trust.” Always an essential of any brand relationship, but now not just about … Continue reading

Toms “One-for-One” Love: Fashionable Philanthropy

Invention may be born from necessity but inspiration and originality comes from the addition of a commercial heart. In the rarefied atmosphere of true originality there are few names to pollute the pure air of brands such as Toms selling products to improve the world with every purchase.



Its new stores are not only presenting a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories, or even the newly introduced coffee shop corners, but an ongoing story of philanthropy where every ring of the cash register … Continue reading

Lush Pastures New: More than Merely Cosmetic

Simply as a concept Lush began its life as one of the most innovative and exciting brands ever conceived. In a world of copycats and unsubtle insurgents it’s easy to forget that the idea of tasty toiletries dressed up as fresh fayre, chalk-boards championing cosmetic concoctions and bath-bombs transforming every aquatic adventure all came first from the land of Lush.



If the familiar concept is more akin to a delicatessen of delights then the new flagship store on London’s Regent Street has evolved … Continue reading

Personalised Promotional Activity for OmniChannel Customers

What has always been the most important thing when communicating with customers?
The answer is relevance.



A promotional message that is given in “the right place at the right time” is relevant to the customer, is of benefit and will deliver a sale – the customer will shake your hand. Equally a promotional message which is irrelevant will confuse and annoy, will certainly not generate a sale and the customer is more likely to “wring your neck than shake your hand” should … Continue reading

Automotivation: Rockar’s Super Highway Hyundai Boutique

In a sector well overdue for its service, a new arrival in the market is taking off the handbrake on retail innovation and hurtling headlong into the comfortably parked parade of traditional car show-rooms.



In partnership with Hyundai, no slouch off the starting blocks itself, the Rockar dealership has introduced its first omni-channel experience into Bluewater Shopping Centre,  steering directly for the high traffic of one of Europe’s busiest shopping centres, under the navigation of Dalziel & Pow one of Europe’s most renowned … Continue reading

Underground Connection: A New World in Old Street

In an area of London not short of innovation, and with retail delights and surprises bursting out of every industrial alley way and distressed doorway, the newest players are moving underground, taking residence amongst the newsagents and cobblers of Old Street Station.


Just arrived on the Northern line, F is the new pop-up store from French Connection., tapping into the trendy clientele commuting from city central. F has taken up residence for seven months, shunting its newest fashions through the festive frenzy with an opportunity to extend should the spring sunshine be generous and favourable to this adventurous arrival.

F is a hybrid shop. It includes a small ladies wear edit collection in its hundred square metres or so, but strategically acts as a collection point for its express ordering service. Whether bought online or in-store French Connection promises to deliver into store for pick-up by five pm the same day, literally allowing customers to arrive as one person and depart back to suburbia fully fashion refreshed.

The F store is part of a wider trend to use transport hubs for ordering and collecting everything from apples and pears to denim skinnies and fashionable flairs. No longer the inconvenience of home delivery, but the lifestyle luxury of never missing a step, or loosing your strides, in the high speed roll-out of Omni-channel opportunities.

f-french-connection-pop-up-accessories f-french-connection-pop-up-exterior f-french-connection-pop-up-knitwear

Never an F word spoken, as cool convenience panders to the time paucity of the workforce movers, and French Connection plays to the plaudits and pockets the price indifference.

Do you sell in the most attractive and convenient way, in relation to your customers’ lifestyle and movements? Can they browse and shop with freedom to collect in a place that is best for them?

VM-unleashed monitors and celebrates best practice such as F by French Connection, to advise our clients and make then more profitable.

We have recently worked with one of the world’s most recogniseable  automotive brands on a multi-channel strategy to sell and collect merchandise linking online with retail stores.


Soho Alive & Kicking: The Jimi Hendrix Experience



Soho returning to its roots as the 21st Century Jimi Hendrix experience returns to its streets, for a few weeks at least.


“People, Hell & Angels” is the latest and most authentic posthumous album from the 60′s guitar hero. And to launch the album a unique Pop-up shop has arrived just off Carnaby Street, in a music launch that captures the life & spirit of that bygone, psychadelic age.

The store is home to the entire Hendrix catalgoue collection, merchandise and memorabilia, but to really soak up the Hendrix experience visit the basement. Here Fender, the instrument of choice for the guitar great, has taken its home for 2 weeks, displaying its range of guitars, with hourly masterclasses on re-creating the Hendrix sound for any budding guitar greats.

A fitting tribute to Soho, and a fitting tribute to Hendrix, brought together again 50 years after.


jimi-hendrix-pop-up-store-fender-workshops jimi-hendrix-pop-up-store-fender-sessions jimi-hendrix-pop-up-store-fender-guitars

The Collaboration Club: Monaco Muses & Makers



Credentials through collaboration, endorsement by association.


Club Monaco strengthens its reputation as the effortlessly stylish purveyor of timeless fashions by forming links with a select number of discrete and discerning designers and doyens of quality chic.

From exclusive jewellery and favoured footwear, to accessories for ipads, and facsimilies for footnotes , these hand-selected, hand-makers are the ideal complement to Club Monaco popularity.

Where rubbing shoulders enhances reputations, and creates destinations.


club-monaco-collaborators-belt-makers club-monaco-collaborators-footwear-makers club-monaco-collaborators-jewellery-muses