VM Trends: Tim Radley in Discussion – Retail Design Expo’17

VM Trends: “An End to ‘Easy’ Visual Merchandising!”

Tim Radley, CEO of VM-Unleashed! will be in discussion at the Retail Design Expo 2017

Please come, listen and join in on Monday 8th May, 12pm.
May 8-9, 2017, London Olympia.



Tim Radley is the founder of retail specialist consultancy VM-Unleashed!

His expertise comes from 25 years of working with, and helping, a wide variety of UK and international businesses with their retail performance, store experience and all facets of what has become visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising, in its … Continue reading

When will head office let me get on with my job?

Store Managers headache no.03

When will head office let me get on with my job?

Instant messaging, store operations and the blessing and curse of constant communication



For many retailers with multiple outlets, and any retailer with a wide store geography, international portfolio and a combination of direct and franchise operations, direct communication tools accessible via in-store tablets and mobile phones are a blessing of the highest order.

These software communication tools are being rapidly deployed and have many operational and social functions.

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“10 ways to make more money from stores! No.1 Rules….”


It was Les Wexner founder of the Limited group, a man responsible for the success of some of the most iconic of fashion retailers from Victoria’s Secret to Express, from Abercrombie & Fitch to Bath & Body Works and quite possibly the first retail guru, who said that “retail is detail”

He was right and anyone in retail doesn’t need to be a modern day guru to know that.

That detail begins with the buying and merchandising chain where getting detail right is essential … Continue reading

“What on earth is happening in my stores?!”

“How can I actually know for certain what is happening in my stores and what my customers are doing, and so ultimately know what to do to improve their experience and my commerciality?”



It is still a widespread scenario that head office retail functions do not know what is happening hour after hour, day after day, inside their stores.

The situation is symptomatic of the gap that still exists in many retailers between head office and stores, and the lack of communication and integration … Continue reading

“The Wonder of Workshops!”

For maximum benefit ensure the retail workshops you receive are…

1.       Personalised through pre-visits and discussions

2.       Relevant through individual research by experts

3.       Interactive between presenter and audience and within the audience itself

4.       Concluded with feedback, recommendations and priority action plans



Many of us will remember the “wonder of workshops” in our corporate adolescence. In days gone by we were summoned to presentation rooms and talked at on subjects we were not generally … Continue reading

75 things you should know about your stores: No.24 “Idle Time”

The capacity exists to understand every detail of your stores, the way that customers move around them, are attracted to assortment displays, are tempted into touching product and are compelled to convert their engagement into sales.

An incredible journey is just beginning!



No.24. “Idle Time”

Just as music is defined by the silence between notes, the life of a store is equally about what doesn’t happen as much as what does, because here lay the opportunities.
In the clamour for knowledge of … Continue reading

The Future of Visual Merchandising: A Priority of Questions

In the wider retail context visual merchandising has suffered from a pre-occupation with the question “How?” The future of visual merchandising will depend very much more on addressing the other questions.



Visual merchandising both past & present is witness to many examples of beautiful and perfectly implemented displays both in windows and internally throughout the store.

The techniques, skills and creativity continue to develop into an ongoing master class on the question of “how?” to display, always advancing, improving and making use … Continue reading

Should VM be “as good as possible?” or “as good as it needs to be?”

As a firm believer in the mantra “Things should alway be as good as possible” I have always been a little unnerved by those who work by the alternative principles of “things only have to be as good as they have to be”



The problem with the second way of viewing visual merchandising standards is that in the world of visual merchandising and store experience there is a lack of absolute knowledge on what “they have to be!” is.

The result across a thousand … Continue reading

We are all Retailing in a Hostile Environment?

When it comes to turning your stores into selling machines, one solution rarely fits all.



If you sell through wholesale or are in partner with franchisees you’ll know only too well about the challenges of working in a “hostile environment.” “Hostile” of course covers a multitude of sins, and it has to be said, sometimes the blessings of a marriage made in heaven. However retail collaborations of any sort often create a “hostile environment” for selling where the difficulties can range from non-compliance … Continue reading

Retail: A Game of Two Halves:

Retail: A Game of Two Halves:


Love it or hate it, you can’t escape it at the moment. Even a trip out for some retail therapy will have you ducking under flags and bunting, taking evasive action to avoid colliding with giant TV wielding consumers or staring vacantly at World Cup sponsored coffee cups, sandwich packets and cheerleading cup cakes.



Of course the World’s premier football competition is of a greater or lesser commercial importance to a large number of retailers … Continue reading