Sustainable Selfridges: Natural Partner for a Material World

Time never stands still for Selfridges. The dawn of every day is reason enough to energise the store with new messages, products and brands to perpetuate its reputation as one of the world’s most exciting retail experiences.



When seasonality subsides for a second Selfridges fills the void with self-generated events bringing every aspect of its considerable assortment to the attention of its captive customers – amidst its Spring activities for Easter and Mother’s Day there was still ample time for a powerful collaboration … Continue reading

Toms “One-for-One” Love: Fashionable Philanthropy

Invention may be born from necessity but inspiration and originality comes from the addition of a commercial heart. In the rarefied atmosphere of true originality there are few names to pollute the pure air of brands such as Toms selling products to improve the world with every purchase.



Its new stores are not only presenting a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories, or even the newly introduced coffee shop corners, but an ongoing story of philanthropy where every ring of the cash register … Continue reading

Body Beautiful: Selfridges Studio of Serenity

Selfridges opens its biggest ever department, Body Studio, encompassing everything that is exciting and inspirational about London’s leading department store.



Never the laggard Selfridges is ahead of the trend as its manoeuvres gracefully to gain a fitness foot hold in the fastest growing area of fashion – Athleisure. The department brings together an intimate experience, despite its many metres, catering for everything feminine from lingerie, nightwear and seasonal swimwear, through fitness, yoga and exercise to casual comfort wear.

As always the assortment is … Continue reading

Watch & Wonder: Selfridges Serves up an Apple Experience

Time is money and when it comes to Apple that money and revenue can be sizable, so speed to market and proximity to the pockets of its patrons is an essential element to retrieving its return on investment.



In a collaboration of near colossal proportions Apple has taken chronological control of all of Selfridges’ windows on London’s Oxford Street to present a breathtaking, time making, statement of market intent. Each window is an oversized study of floral fantasy with bright petals and stamens … Continue reading

A Christmas Curiosity: Paddington & The Great Selfridges Shop

Capturing the moment as always Selfridges securely jumps on the Paddington band wagon, with a dedicated “Curiosity Shop” featuring all things duffly, marmaladey and beary as it creates a compelling proposition for London tourists from as far as deepest Peru.



Paddington is the winter blockbuster film, based on the children’s books of a bear who is found, and finds himself in London. Selfridges links all the elements together with wall to wall showings at its Everyman basement cinema whilst the branded shop in … Continue reading

Debenham’s Designer Diet: Fashion Food for Thought

Fashion week has stimulated the creative juices to flow through the hearts and veins of London’s window dressers and creative merchandisers.



From monotone and monochrome to coordinated costumes and colour explosions the windows of the city vie for visual supremacy and a slice of the passing traffic.

More ingenious than most is the clever concept that sits inside the newly constructed windows of the refurbished Debenham’s on Oxford Street. Colour statements are created within a supermarket setting with mannequins wheeling painted trolleys through a series of colour cameos from Winter Greens and Sweet Pastels to Berry Pink and Blue Washes.

The backdrop shelves serve up an imaginative assortment of toned tins and packets; washing powder to jams, bay leaves to garden peas.

With fashion neighbours such as Selfridges, Debenhams has pulled out all of the supermarkets stops, propelling mass market down the aisle to the high alter of aspiration.


debenhams-fodd-fashion-windows-blue-wash debenhams-fodd-fashion-windows-berry-pinks debenhams-fodd-fashion-windows-sweet-pastels

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The Monaco Book Club: Faded Fashion & Yesterday’s News


Taste is not an option for the ever over-performing Club Monaco.



Store and stock in faded harmony as sun-bleached beauty is applied to fixtures and fashions, to windows and wardrobes.

Yesterdays news is scattered with precise abandon, in picture frames, focal walls and POS where clean & corporate is disguised as disarray and disparate.

From sun-washed shorts, to faded flannels, the process of newness applies a shower of shabbiness, that turns safe fashion into seductive style.


club-monaco-classic-fashion-papering-the-cracks club-monaco-classic-fashion-short-supply club-monaco-classic-fashion-treasure-chest

Proof of the Pudding: “Rice is certainly not skin deep!”


Cast away those pungent memories of school dinner halls – the world has changed. Scratch the surface and “rice is certainly not skin  deep.”



Rice to Riches takes a  staple of world diet and explodes it into popular culture with imagination,  humour and a degree of good taste. If its possible to do so it communicates rice pudding with “its tongue …in its cheek” – don’t try that one at home!

Brand communication both in the stores and on  the website carries a “tone of voice” which is fun, friendly and a little  challenging at times. It succeeds in propelling the scourge of many a school  dinner into a desirable and versatile fast food.

The assortment offers many  imaginative and, it has to be said, delicious flavours and combinations with  fruit, nuts, preserves and sauces.The temptation to explore and experiment is  irresistible. Although don’t expect to be walking that quickly away from the restaurant t the end of your experience.

Rice to Riches is an  exercise in idea development. The concept is fully coordinated across channels  allowing customers to buy in store, click & collect or have the Rice  delivered to your door. Something to consider for Valentine’s Day perhaps.

The brand is beautifully extended across the format into  spoons, bowls and rice accessories to maximize completely a simple yet unique  concept.

Visit the Rice to Riches experience when you’re in New York and get your just desserts!!


rice-to-riches-original-assortment rice-to-riches-take-it-away rice-to-riches-omnichannel-eatery

Extra-Sensory Perception: Selfridges Sniff an Opportunity

As part of the recent Hello Beautiful event extravaganza at London’s Selfridges customers were invited to explore the world of personalised perfume at The Fragrance Lab.



Individual profiling promised each participant a unique scent, created from the smells and aromas of childhood memories and adult experiences all combined, bottled and labelled with love. Dedicated window spaces and part of the Wonder Room were taken over to create a personal space that was to be, for one month, forever everyone’s own intimate part of Selfridges.
The Fragrance Lab, as always with London’s most imaginative retailer, was part of a much wider series of shows and collaborations celebrating with wider wonders of sensory beauty.

Concepts on a grand scale and experiences of an individual level, the clever combination that always make Selfridges so much more than just a 3-day eventer.


selfridges-fragrance-lab-wonder-window selfridges-fragrance-lab-invitation-board selfridges-fragrance-lab-unique-experience

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