which product?



Which product?


Defining the correct product is still at the heart of retail success or failure.

Commercial assortments need to be both qualitatively & quantitatively correct.

We work on the two fundamental processes required to ensure a commercial assortment – buying & merchandising and assortment structure planning.

We support these decisions with qualitative & quantitative competitor benchmarking


buying & merchandising:


  • strategic commercial assortment planning
  • building the proposition for authority and inspiration
  • market visits and competitor sampling
  • mood boards & collection structure plannong
  • supplier Sourcing
  • product development, samples and ordering
  • balancing “product story grouping”
  • categories, themes, silhouettes and killer categories
  • collection integration with merchandise financial plan
  • collection visualisation
  • planning the flow of goods with rates of sale
  • b&m organisational structure
  • b&m Team Roles & responsibilities


assortment structure planning



  • merchandise Financial Plan development
  • “top-down” and “bottom-up planning
  • assortment Structure Planning IT Tools
  • benchmarking and correcting key architectures
  • size, colour, price & product category parameters
  • balancing product role- image makers, best sellers & basics
  • matching end-use & fashion positioning to sales/profit
  • identifying added-value drivers
  • optimising option width & unit depth
  • assortment volumes related to rates of sale
  • integrating store grading processes
  • integration with the ordering processes
  • store allocation & distribution
  • in-season management


competitor benchmarking


  • “Big 10” assortment benchmarking processes
    1. Assortment segmentation
    2. Category structure
    3. Product story balance
    4. Colour architectures
    5. Size architectures
    6. Price architectures
    7. Added-value drivers
    8. Market Position & End-use focus
    9. Balance of image makers, core & basics
    10. Seasonal assortment planning – waves of stock
  • Real store and online counting & analysis of assortment parameters
  • Real store visits, visual analysis and image capture
  • Analysis of own sales and profit data
  • Best-seller & worst seller physical and visual reviews
  • Analysis of market research and/or focus group output
  • Interactive workshops with sales & buying teams:




Customer experiences require integrated strategies & processes.

which strategy?

which product?

how much product?

how to display product?

how to sell product?

how to make-it happen?


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