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It was Mae West who said that the worse thing other than being talked about was not being talked about.

In times before brands knew that they were brands, their need for identity and exposure had already been summarised rather succinctly.

Secondly, as time has moved on then so has retailer competition to the point where every decision to visit and buy from a specific retailer is driven more by the emotional brand engagement than the convenience of location.


The bottom line for any retailer from the above?

Simply, however you happen to have arrived in the retail market place, you need firstly to know who you are, and then to communicate it clearly and engagingly to your customer.

If you’re one of the “accidental” retailers who happen to have stumbled on a retail income by being in the right place…where large numbers of consumers congregate, or perhaps a business that has created desirable products which now need to be sold, then it’s time to develop and communicate a brand identity.

If you’re more of an established retail business then it’s time to ensure that you’re converting your product proposition and your brand identity into a brand experience.


And that’s the modern day “crux” of the matter. Brand identity is not about a logo anymore.

Brand identity is about expressing your brand values, your product and service proposition through every touch-point with the customer from pre-sales marketing, through store and online experience and finally to post-sales service.

No time for identity ambling. You need to stretch every sinew of your brand muscles.

Often, the biggest step to transforming your brand experience is to transform the way your employees think about your brand. Many a time, as we’ve experienced from our retailer workshops, it’s incredible to see how different functions within a retail business have different views of what their brand actually means.


Shaky ground! How do you communicate consistency to the public when there isn’t consensus within the business?

If it’s any consolation…you’re not alone. And that leaves the customer confused which is a great opportunity for any retailer who can be clear and decisive in the market place.

VM-unleashed has an opinion on your brand values and position, and we help retail businesses find it for themselves through integrated workshops. We help to transform the way you think about your brand across your business?

We then transform the way that the identity is communicated and delivered in every way, both physically and emotionally, inside your stores from graphics & display, mood & atmosphere, events & interaction and customer service & engagement.

…and if you need it also, we can transform a blank piece of paper into your new logo and identity.


So now, what about you?

Does everyone in your business agree on what your brand proposition is?

Are you in need of brand communication transformation?





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