product stories


Beware the curse of “spreadsheet retailing”

It raises its unsightly head across many retail processes, giving false and misleading reassurance to those unaware and detached from the real world of retail. Away from the theatrics, it is nonetheless true that numbers only tell part of the story of your stores – as always.

In buying & merchandising, even with a commercial plan, it is essential to consider the emotional story that the product tells to the customer. It is this strength of story that will generate the tangible sales in your stores as well as establish your retail proposition more permanently in the customer psyche.

Best sellers are individual items…but best-selling retailers present “product stories!”


VM-unleashed commercialises the emotional appeal of your assortment by transforming an analytical plan into a balance of the correct product story types appropriate for your brand…

Categories…to give power and authority

Coordinated categories…to allow “easy-shopping”

Coordinated themes…to deliver inspiration

Silhouettes…to attract the customer

Hero products…to generate all the “easy-sales” you can


We also ensure that each of your product stories are not merely visual displays but are also a commercial balance of the essential product players…

Image makers

Planned best sellers


High margin

Low margin


Ultimately we transform your individual lines into theatrical and stimulating “product story blocks” and introduce the principles and practice of “buying for space”

“Buying for space” is an essential business glue that begins in buying & merchandising, continues through space planning & store grading and ends in visual merchandising & display. As an end-to-end process, it transforms any simple purveyor of products into a best practice, high-performing retailer.


So now, what about you?

As a joined-up retail business do you plan “product stories” and “buy-for-space?”

Are you in need of product story transformation?






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