retail calendars


In case you hadn’t realised it the world’s spinning faster and faster.

Not only are retailers having to make, ship, sell and deliver at a more responsive rate than ever before, but their relationship with the customer is also advancing at breakneck speed across every touchpoint from mobile and tablet to shopping centres and pop-up stores.

Take a breath!


In other shock news…it is now the customer that is in charge and pulling the purse strings.

They demand, dictate and command. Their retailer expectations have evolved from 4 seasons to 12 months a year, from 7 days a week to 24 hours a day, and like it or not every retail brand has to go with this flow, or suffer the real prospect of a commercial drought of disastrous proportions.

So retail businesses must take control or take a bow! And the way to control is through the development and implementation of a multi-channel retail calendar.


So what is that in today’s retail world?

Firstly, retail calendar transformation requires a multi-faceted approach. From store to e-commerce, from social media to traditional advertising many layers of content and dynamics need to be planned and delivered, and many layers of brand and product messages need to be written and created including product features, lifestyle benefits, seasonal relevance, competitions and editorial.

Depending on your brand and your scale the details and complexity of your dissertations are up to you. But you must all be the pearl in the oyster of your customer’s world!

Secondly, the complexity of delivering physical product and emotional messages in harmony across so many different channels and physical locations requires new levels of retail business integration and a transformation of relationships.

– between marketing and merchandising so that omni-channel promotions are populated with available assortment

– between space planning and visual merchandising to ensure that store layouts have capacity and space month after month

–  between an efficient supply-chain and store operations to ensure that the correct product is in the correct place at the correct time.


At VM-unleashed we help transform and integrate every stage of the development and delivery of the modern retail calendar.

We begin with competitor benchmarking of message content and dynamics to ratify our strategy, we continue with internal workshops that construct the multi-layered calendar itself, we move onto store space planning to ensure that promotional space is graded for every store, and we finish with the creative cherries on the icing of a thousand content cakes.

Quite simply, in order to manage effectively the product, people and places in your retail business today, a new level of coordinated planning driven by an integrated retail calendar must be in place.


So now, what about you?

Is your retail calendar multi-layered and delivered consistently across channels?

Are you in need of retail calendar transformation?





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