store disciplines


“retail is detail” is not news, it’s been around as long as the retail hills, but that doesn’t mean everyone takes it on board, not even seasoned retailers.

Of course the whole product supply chain from conception to manufacture is based around doing details well and efficiently but the real crime about a lack of attention to detail in the stores is that it is so close to selling. It’s like crumbling with cramp fifty metres from the end of a marathon.


The other crime is that many store disciples involve details that are not difficult, don’t require expertise or elaborate training but just…as it says on the tin “discipline!”

One simple example is that in self-service stores, which is the vast majority, you won’t sell a product from the stockroom, only from the shop floor. A lack of store disciplines that ensures that selling product is always out is just throwing easy money away…and there’s not much of that floating around.


Any unit missing is possibly a missed sale, any size of a good selling product is probably a missed sale, and a best-selling size of a good selling product is undoubtedly a missed sales.

So store disciples across a whole range of issues from sales monitoring and measurement, replenishment, allocation, display location, display visibility, product care, pricing, tagging, cleanliness, product knowledge homework incrementally add up to either a store that sells, or a land of wasted opportunities.

By carefully analysing and assessing “the life of your stores” we can identify the disciplines that are missing, prioritise the need to put them in place and then move on to creating the principles, processes, guidance and training required to actually make them a reality…and to make them a reality day after day.


Aahhh…the monotony of making money. Never tire of the sound of a cash register!


So now, what about you?

Are you throwing easy money away through a lack of discipline in stores?

Are you in need of a transformation in your self-disciplines?






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