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The death of the physical store is nonsense!”

What is dying are dull and ordinary retail stores with dull and ordinary retail businesses behind them, and what is absolutely alive are stores with theatre, with interaction and store experiences that excite and satisfy.


Critically, how we think about store environments and how we construct the experiences in them is changing, and as retail businesses we need to adapt to this change.

Retail stores have always been made of 2 parts – firstly the brand box which was static and included elements such as flooring, lighting, materials and fixtures – and then the dynamic content which includes visual merchandising, graphic communication, promotions and events.

Traditionally these 2 processes and deliverables were dealt with quite separately, by different internal teams and external partners, but what is changing now is how everything needs to be considered, developed and delivered together. The boundaries of what is static and what is dynamic is blurring, the location and role of product in the store is diversifying and the role and function of store personnel is evolving rapidly from service to interaction.


And at the heart of everything…literally, is the product!”

VM-unleashed helps retail businesses develop their new concepts by facilitating an integrated approach from concept through to creation.

Functions as far-afield as merchandising, store operations, marketing, space allocation, visual merchandising and commercial sales are interacting to develop areas such as store layout, front and back room space allocation, product segmentation, visual display & interaction, store materials and fixtures, interactive features, graphics, promotions, digital communication, service areas windows and exteriors.


VM-unleashed helps to keep “Pandora’s Box” on the straight and narrow, extracting inspiration and applying with a liberal coat of common sense practicality.

Into this theatre VM-unleashed also helps to deliver specific elements such as commercial space allocation, product story grouping, visual merchandising, graphic communication, customer journeys and the delivery of the retail calendar through literally everything.


The life of the physical store can be astounding!


So now, what about you?

Do your stores have theatre and deliver an exciting customer experience?

Are you in need of a store environment transformation?




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