store layouts


The store layout is the skeleton for the store experience.

It is ultimately what will define the success of the store despite the layers of attractive design enhancements and visual adornments.

Every store layout must have a practical and a commercial side to it – a journey that allows the customer to move through the space easily and to see the product and theatre surrounding it – an allocation of space that will result in the optimum commercial performance of the store with maximum sales productivity.


The humble beginning of any store layout should begin in a dark room far away from the eager glare of the public eye…and in deed the internal creative eye.

It involves the study of sales performance spreadsheets, assessment of trends and concludes with a linear metre allocation for space.

From these commercial seeds the passing of the baton gathers pace from space planners and store designers, to allocators and visual merchandisers, from marketing to graphic & interior designers.

The collaborative approach is essential to ensure that no practical or commercial consideration is overlooked from backroom space to service locations, promotional space to focal displays, balance of fixture types, internal walls and graphic placement.


All hinges on the black & white plan on a table in a dark room.

VM-unleashed collaborates across this chain of activities to sense-check processes and to help define space and walkways, department depths and adjacencies, sightlines, fixture types and product blocking.

VM-unleashed ensures that the final brick is considered in the first decision.

VM-unleashed ensures that the correct process and considerations are set in stone as a definitive process to build the foundations of every stores commercial success.


So now, what about you?

Are your stores planned for optimum commercial performance?

Are you in need of a store layout transformation?





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