store operations


“A Day in the Life of your Store!”

Knowing what goes on from the dark hours of early deliveries to that final farewell and the counting of the cash is like gold-dust in terms of improving the efficiency of your staff, smoothing the passage of your product and galvanising the quality of your customer’s experience.


It really is worth taking a good look…into the world of store operations.

The words “Store Operations” can conjure up visions of a large, unwieldy and rather threatening machine of unmanageable proportions, and of course in large retail businesses it can indeed become that. However on a store by store basis the daily operations offer scalable ways to improve the way that things happen, increasing efficiency, reducing workload, improving knowledge, reducing costs and increasing turnover.


Often by doing simple actions in a better way, and the more repetitive and frequent those actions occur then the improvements can be significant.

Sometimes inefficient actions have never really been thought through, they have evolved as the requirements of stores have changed, and have been improvised to serve a purpose. Sometimes it is the opposite scenario where actions have existed from day 1 of a business and where their inefficiency is excused by the inexcusable “well, we’ve always done it that way!”


It’s amazing how a statement can be used to justify so strongly both the need for change and the need for standing still.

VM-unleashed transforms your store operations at the coal-face of the store delivering immediate and tangible improvements. First there is the assessment, then the changes to actions, the measurement and the monitoring and finally the adoption of changes into the wider business culture.


Explore, adapt, assess and adopt!


So now, what about you?

Do you know how your stores work, and where there are efficiencies to be gained?

Are you in need of a store operations transformation?




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