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Every retail business is different, and within any retail business every store is different.

It’s a fact of retail life, and it’s the same for everyone so no need to feel hard done-by. In fact with the correct Selling Toolkit it’s a great opportunity and competitive advantage over the unprepared.

What this does mean is that every retail business needs a Store Selling Toolkit…a range of tools that it can use to work with a wide variety of store scenarios and to drive sales performance in them all.

For a single store you need the right tools. At the other extreme, for retail businesses selling through wholesale and third party stores then the tools need to be varied and the assessment of which tools should be used very robust.


Selling Tools fall into two main categories in what we call here…”Front of Visual” an “Front of Mind!”

If your proposition is self-service then you need to focus on “front of visual” tools to ensure that the display and store delivery is powerful and attractive, whether your own store or somebody elses.

If your proposition is about service then you need to focus on “front of mind” using tools to ensure that your brand and product is in the mind of the sales assistant, again whether your sales assistant or someone else.


Understand your business…identify your tools

The tools and their use can be complex and VM-unleashed spends time to understand your retail business, the variety of store scenarios, the need for tools and the way to deliver them. The considerations are not just about service or self-service but also about staff enthusiasm, staff turnover, store manager dominance, dynamic of product, competition for space, flexibility of environment, brand completion, importance of marketing, ownership & reward of store staff.

When the picture is clear then VM-unleashed can develop the correct Selling Toolkit from guidelines to training, store props to retail calendars, product communication to sales incentives.

VM-unleashed can help you not only celebrate your diversity but profit from it!”


So now, what about you?

Do you have the correct ‘Selling Toolkit’ to work across all your store scenarios?

Are you in need of a ‘Selling Toolkit’ transformation?






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