visual merchandising


Ask 100 retailers what visual merchandising is, and you’ll get 101 answers.

But pleased to say we have helped retail businesses to improve visual merchandising in at least 102 ways…and so it keeps rising.

Yes, we like to put visual merchandising at the centre of our store solutions…in its widest possible sense. For as the uncertainty over the actual definition illustrates delivering product displays, store layouts and visual inspiration can only be achieved successfully through integrating many disciplines, principles and functions.


For example…we transform the commercial display of products ensuring that product presentations on every table and on every wall are to the correct density, with the most profitable number of options and units, with a commercial balance of best sellers, image makers and basics.

…we transform the visual beauty of displays, looking at the balance and visual patterns of presentation, the combination of different display techniques and the use of props, imagery, graphics, busts & mannequins.

…we transform and expand the traditional boundaries of visual merchandising influence in the world of store experience to include music, sound, taste, touch, product interaction and digital technology…to a complete “sensual merchandising”

…we transform the way that head office VM managers communicate with stores using anything from traditional VM guidelines and training through to new technologies used to inform, inspire, record, monitor and improve displays across store portfolios from Roehampton to Rio.

…finally we transform the way that visual merchandising teams integrate with the buying & merchandising function to ensure the correct balance of “product stories” from powerful categories through to coordinated themes is both planned and implemented.


As you can see visual merchandising has a really important role to play not only in store theatre but in retail business integration and in many ways is the “glue” that holds together many retail functions and forms the connection between head-office and stores.

However even today, when increasing physical store theatre is paramount, visual merchandising still has to prove its worth for many retail owners. So, to begin the process of VM transformation VM-unleashed supplies “the proof of the visual pudding” through benchmarking any retail business against its competitors and best practice in all things VM.

We fix that issue before anything else.  We “quantify the qualitative!”…and we’re the only people that do that!


So now, what about you?

How do all the 101 elements of visual merchandising stack up in your business?

Are you in need of visual merchandising transformation?






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